Project: Senegal – Sahel Irrigation Initiative Project (SIIP)

Partners: Royal Eijkelkamp, Grundfos, Wageningen University and Research Center, Rabobank, IFC, NGO’s and other related parties.

The first initiative from the NL-FSA focuses on Senegal with the development of irrigation infrastructure and management methods enabling agro-business and associated value chain that will benefit the private and public sector and will secure attractive opportunities for investors.

The four main objectives of this project are:

  • to improve and increase the surface areas of irrigated agricultural land by improving water supply;
  • to optimize logistics, distribution and the complete agricultural value-chain;
  • to create employment and business opportunities for young agripreneurs in the agro-food sector and connected industries with associated required vocational training;
  • to improve human well-being by providing a contribution to the Sustainable Development Goal 2; Zero Hunger.

With an appropriate water management, the output from agricultural land can be significantly improved. Additional arable land can be developed whereby the care for the environment (neutral water abstraction) and the wellbeing of the people (fair trade, fair jobs) are taken into consideration for the long-term. Sustainable development of agriculture is important for the society as a whole as more output and new land implies a higher productivity, more jobs, better social standards and improved quality of life. Furthermore, such improvement will not only attract new investors, but companies that are presently active in Senegal would also benefit from the increased productivity.

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