Ethiopia – Water Pricing for  Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

Improving the access to accurate information about the water system, and therewith empowering the Afar and Oromo regions, the Awash Basin Authority, vulnerable (downstream) communities, domestic users and farmers. With improved water system data boosting the transition towards improved regulation and cost recovery, improved management and more efficient use of water resources in the Awash basin, and achieving equitable and sustainable access for the poorest with more economic return of water.


Woord & Daad, Dutch Water Authorities (DWA), VNG-International, Royal Eijkelkamp, ACME, Awash Basin Authority (AWBA), Oromia Water Mineral,  and Energy Bureau (OWMEB).

The installation of new monitoring equipment (60 locations) for a real-time water information system enables the water authority to implement and monitor a water allocation plan, and introduce a licensing and charging system. All water abstractors in the sub-basin will be registered, and all non-traditional users licensed; the water authority will collect at least 90% of user charges from 80% of the water volume allocated – allowing a free-of-charge threshold for smallholders (the pro-poor factor). Implementing a water-use priority ladder will benefit 85 smallholder Water User Associations (1,700 smallholders, 40% women).

Rendering back water availability and efficiency services to water-users through ecosystem services:

  • implemented watershed conservation measures impacting 300,000ha / 150,000 people;
  • 924 production-water (3R) conservation measures, impacting 107,000ha / 40,000 water users;
  • piloting a water forecast service in combination with improved irrigation practices and technologies involving both big farms and smallholders, for a 22% water-use efficiency increase on 100ha, and results scaled to 20,000ha.

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