Project approach

The basic project approach of the NL-FSA is to develop Farm Development Programmes for young agripreneurs in development countries.

Within our projects we start with a so-called Agripreneur Training and Service Centers (ATS) and a Modern Generation Cooperative (MGC).

Within the ATS we teach/train young people to become a modern farmer. At the same time we learn them all aspects of practical farming in the commercial orchard (approx 200 ha).

If they succeed in finalizing the training successfully, then we offer them a piece of land within the large project, and to become part of the MGC. Here they can create their own farm, and can built-up their life as a farmer family.

We have developed 4 different stages in the development of an agriculture project, which hardly never can be followed one after the other.

Depending on the typical stage of the potential project, local and political circumstances etc. they can be used randomly, but always turn back to the first roadmap and tick off the first possible box.

A integral master plan

Social steps

Implementation stage

Production steps

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