Blog - New potential project in Benin

03 / 02 / 2020

On invitation of Royal Eijkelkamp the minister of Planning and Development of Benin Mr Abdoulaye Bio-Tchané) has visited the premises of Royal Eijkelkamp in Giesbeek, 2 full days 6 and 7 January. The purpose of the visit was the introduction of the NL-FSA and the WE (Water Entrepreneur) Project of the Eijkelkamp Foundation in the North of Benin. After the welcome words of Mr Lucien van Riswijk (Mayor of the city of Zevenaar) we have introduced Royal Eijkelkamp and the NL-FSA through different presentations.


In addition to the NL-FSA presentations the minister has presented its own presentation on Food Farming in Benin. He has introduced us to the present status of agricultural development in Benin and the governmental plans to increase agricultural production in the coming years. He spoke about food farming in general, the lack of organization of peasants, the financing difficulties and the possible partnership between LFSK (Professional Agro Farm Comp) and the NL-FSA.


The increase of agricultural production is important for the own consumption in Benin, but also for the export to neighbouring countries like Nigeria. The NL-FSA can play an important role in the further development of the agricultural plans of the country. The AgriPreneur Training & Service Centre of the NL-FSA fits perfectly with the Governmental plans to create altogether five Centres of Services (COS) in the country.

We have concluded to continue the discussions in the near future. To be continued…

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